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Align People goals with Profit goals
Create People-Profit alignment strategies
Leverage People strengths of the organisation
Create performance improvement strategies
Design & run projects to execute People strategies
Check the organisational gauge on a variety of People measures

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PeopleProfit helps your organization leverage the People Side of Profit.

Business organizations, unlike not-for-profits, strive to create wealth for its stock holders and prosperity, delight, and enrichment for other stake holders.

Technology and financial capital provide the means to build the road to profit and prosperity. But it is the PEOPLE who actually build and make the road happen. The road to wealth creation, that is.

PeopleProfit helps you focus on this People Side of Profit, develop, strengthen, and leverage it. More specifically, PeopleProfit helps you:

Find out where your organisation is on the ‘People Curve’
Chart strategies to align people with profit
Plan and implement interventions to move up ‘the People Curve’

Key Members of Our Team


Sugato Lahiry

Winner of Annual OD Research Grant of ASTD, Sugato has worked closely with business leaders 


Donald J. Ford
Consulting Partner

Writer of 35 articles and 4 books, Dr. Ford is a performance improvement consultant 


Jim Kirkpatrick
Consulting Partner

James D. Kirkpatrick, PhD, provides consulting to Fortune 500 companies around the world. 


Pat Stevenson
Consulting Partner

Pat primarily works in the areas of behavioral work-style analysis, team-building, leadership development


Diederick Stoel
Consulting Partner

A leading authority on training evaluation and ROI, Diederick serves as the Chairman of the Donald Kirkpatrick Foundation 


Swarup Mukherjee
Lead Advisor

A member of the core management team, Swarup has over 20 years of experience in a variety of leadership positions


Rajeev Chopra
Principal Consultant

Alumnus of St. Stephen’s College Delhi & IIM Calcutta Rajeev brings the practicing manager’s perspective to consulting.


N K Chadha
Consulting Partner

Dr. Chadha, is a foremost thought leader of our times in the area of psychometrics and organisational behaviour



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