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Research Rigour I Ground Realties

Reliable, high-quality research provides the basis for evidence-based decision making in
organisations. In the absence of reliable data and rigorous analysis, impressions and
opinions remain the only way to go, at many organisational decision points. But it
doesn’t have to be that way. We help our clients:

Predict future conditions, consequences, and behavioural patterns.

Evaluate effects and results of current policies, programs, and practices.

Provide objective basis for revising current policies, programmes, and practices.

Assess proposed policies, programs, and activities.

Our Org Research RPO services help design research studies to answer practical business questions, collect right data the right way, analyse the data and find the answer to the business question. We do that across a wide range of organisational decision points.

  Evidence-based Competency Studies
  Attitude Studies and Opinion Polls
  Predictive Models
  Org Culture and Semiotics
  Org Commitment Studies
  Evaluation and ROI Studies
  Compensation and Benefits Studies
  Talent-drain Analysis
  Sales and Marketing Studies

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