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At PeopleProfit we adapt and apply the ADDIE model to offer learning and development solutions to on-the-ground performance issues, where training is the solution of choice. Analysis of performance issues at the workplace is the first step, which leads to the subsequent steps of Design and Development of the learning program. Evaluation happens throughout the process (Formative Evaluation) and at the end (Summative Evaluation).


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If a broad indicative list is of help, the learning and development programs we conduct usually fall under one (or more) of the following labels. The first ten are a part of core business skills, while the last six are essentially aspects of Human Resource Management skills and expertise.


  Leadership Workshops

  Competency-based and Behavioural 
    Interviewing Techniques 

  Business Presentation Skills

  Business Communication Skills

  Negotiating Skills 

  Decision Making Skills 

  Time Management Skills 

  Team Building and Team Work

  Personal Effectiveness 

  Managerial Effectiveness


  Training for Trainers

  Evaluating Training Effectiveness

  Designing and Implementing 
    Performance Management Systems

  Managing Executive Compensation

  Managing HR through Metrics

  Psychometry 101: Application of 
    Psychological Measurement in 


In-company programs are more effective than public seminars as multiple members of the organisation receive the same inputs at the same time. In-company programs can also be customised to a company's specific needs. They are more cost effective too. The typical per capita cost is about half or less as compared to public seminars.


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