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Robust, research-based assessment tools
User-friendly, fast and practical for use in business setting
Structured Interview and Focus Groups
Survey Questionnaires
Psychometric Instruments
Wide array of tools & techniques for assessment

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People Profit Assessments

PeopleProfit range of assessment services helps you find out where your organisation is on the People Curve. 

We design, develop and deploy state-of-the-art survey tools and assessment instruments that must meet three basic conditions:

They must be robust tools, based on strong research foundation

They must be easy to use in a business organization 

They must have practical value for the client organization

Our assessment services help you assess your organisationís current status in a variety of people parameters with:

Compensation & Benefits Surveys

Employee Exit Surveys
(Find out what is new)

Employee Engagement Surveys
(Find out what is new)

Organizational Culture & Organizational Climate Surveys
(Find out what is new)

Needs Assessment Surveys

Evaluation of Learning & Development Programs & ROI Studies

Assessment Centres

Psychometric Assessments

Organizational Commitment Surveys

Business Analyses for Human Performance Improvement projects



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